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24/7 Tutoring

Tutor.com is a 24/7 online tutoring platform that is now available to all KHSD students.  Students can access this service from each of their teachers’ Canvas courses OR from the Help button on the Canvas main page.  The district will be scheduling training sessions for teachers and administrators in the near future.  I have also included some student/parent resources.  Please share this info with your students.


Help Anytime, Anywhere

  • Reach students in their moment of need.  With 24/7 online access, your students never need to feel alone with their schoolwork.  On-demand access can get them connected with an expert tutor in just a few minutes.  Drop-off review service for writing assignments and self-study practice quizzes are also included.

Tutoring Available in 200+Stubjects

  • Tutors are experts in more than 200 subjects, covering grades K-12  (Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Foreign Languages, AP)
  • Bilingual tutoring (Spanish & English) available for math, science & social studies

3,000+ Subject Matter Experts

  • Every Tutor.com tutor must complete a rigorous application process that requires proof of subject-matter expertise and their ability to actively engage and instruct students in an online environment using our well-defined pedagogy.

Extensive Reporting & Early Alerts

  • Administrators and faculty gain full access to an array of reporting tools to review both aggregate and individual student-usage data. These reports, accessible through the Client Portal, allow you to analyze program success and student participation, and progress.


To access tutor.com from a teacher’s Canvas course, students simply click on Tutor.com: 24/7 Online Tutoring from the left side menu.


Additional Info for:

           Educators:  http://www.tutor.com/clientcarek12/faculty

Parents:  https://www.tutor.com/clientcarek12/families

Students:  http://www.tutor.com/clientcarek12/students


Kristen's Sandbox



If a student’s teacher is not using Canvas, they can access tutor.com from the Help button on the blue left side menu of their canvas main page.





Video description to share with families: Ridgeview partners with Tutor.com to provide students with on-demand, 1-to-1, real-time tutoring—along with drop-off review services, practice problems, video lessons, and test prep. This video for students and parents takes you through how to get started with Tutor.com. Tutors are standing by, anytime and anywhere, to help students with homework, test prep, writing, and more!





Webinar Playlist for Students and Parents

Check out our special YouTube playlist of webinar recordings designed to provide supplemental academic support—including study skills coaching—to students and parents.