Ridgeview Softball

Welcome to Wolf Pack Softball! I believe a lot of things have to happen for a program to be successful. Hard work, dedication, teamwork, discipline, and skill all combine to make a successful season. At Ridgeview, we have 5 primary goals: #1: Remember that you are a student first and an athlete second. Keep up your grades! #2: Improve as a player each day. Work hard! #3: Be a great team mate! #4: Keep a positive attitude! #5: HAVE FUN!!!

If softball is something that you're interested in, I encourage you to come out in January when our official season begins. If you are NOT playing a winter sport (Wrestling, basketball, and soccer), please join us in October when we begin our preseason workouts. More information on dates and times will follow shortly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop by room 902 on campus before school, after school, and during both lunches. You can also reach me on my Google Voice number 661-381-5361. (Text messages are better here) and email which is [email protected].

I'm excited for a new season! Hope to see you soon!

Thanks, Deb Whitbey

Varsity Head softball coach