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Girls Soccer

Girls Soccer


The Girls Soccer Program at Ridgeview High School is an extension of the classroom where student-athletes become part of something greater than themselves. Participants learn and practice commitment, respect, and pride representing our student body and become ambassadors for the school and our community.  Our Mission Statement is “to help student-athletes become people with character and integrity who will lead others by example to become a better person.” This is a responsibility that every member is proud to carry to their best. Our Vision is that “girls in the Wolf Pack Soccer Program will become a positive role model by representing our school with dignity and pride.” By doing so, we expect every participant to practice and be responsible for four things that have helped others succeed: PERSONAL FITNESS, MENTAL FITNESS, COACHABILITY, AND RESPECT/ CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS.

Philosophy of Training

Our coaching staff helps the student-athletes achieve their peak performance and produce champions on the field and in life. Our program includes three different practice periods which are filled with workouts on the field. Some of the exercises include strength and explosiveness, plyometrics, speed and agility, and stretching. Soccer is a sport that requires a strong ‘core’, speed, and agility to maximize the athlete's’ technical skills and reach peak performance. The Precondition practices start the second week of September and run for four weeks. Here, we focus on the development of strength, explosiveness, endurance, and introduce the game of soccer. The Conditioning/tryouts practices start mid-October and our participants are challenged with intensive workouts to prepare them for the games during the regular season. The In-season practices run from mid-November to mid-February. Our focus here is to help the student-athletes reach their peak performances during each game. The volume and intensity of the training vary during each practice period depending on the needs of strength, power, speed, and agility of the participants and the purpose of maximizing their potential to produce a TEAM of excellence.