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Girls Basketball

Ridgeview Girls Basketball

Our basketball program is based on academic achievement and teamwork.   Success lies in having both.  We practice teamwork on and off the court, and this includes being uplifting, treating each other with respect, and trusting in the relationships that being a part of the team brings.  Practicing with the team daily during the season will teach you team bonding and how to be a good teammate.   

Basketball can open doors that can be beneficial on and off the court.  A huge benefit of working hard and practicing collaboration is that it gives you an advantage when you are on jobs and in other areas of your life.  We still have a young team, so we are looking forward to improving, and we expect to build on last season’s success where we made the second round of the playoffs and enjoyed having another number one rookie of the year.  Normally the season would begin in the latter part of September and practice games would begin in November.   I look forward to another successful season and working with you this year; hard work will bring success.