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Sketching, Assignments, Design Projects, Portfolio, Tests

Sketching is an important part of the design process. The seeds of inspiration are planted during the sketching process. You may also use your sketches in your designs, so it is important that we develop this skill. Sketches will be assigned with topics or may be open topics on occasion. Sketches may be assigned as homework or as classwork. (10% of your grade)
Assignments are completed to build your skill in the design software. You will do assignments to build the skills necessary to create  and enhance your Design Projects. (20% of your grade)
Design Projects are your "Finished Artwork". All Design Project grades are based on effective use of the Elements of Art in your designs. You must also organize your designs with effective use of  Principles of Design. Your Design Projects must also show me that you have a high level of competency with your design software. You will have a collection of Design Projects at the end of each semester to add to your Portfolio. (50% of your grade)
Your Portfolio is a collection and presentation of your Design Projects for each semester. Design Portfolios can be important when applying for internships, design jobs, or design schools.  (10% of your grade)
Tests are necessary to show me your level of competency with Elements of Art, Principles of Design, software techniques, and safty and procedures of hardware. (10% of your grade)
Course Grades:
Sketching 10%
Assignments 20%
Design Projects 50%
Portfolio 10%
Tests 10%